Saturday, April 4, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Birthday Party

If there's an event I love planning, it's a birthday.

My two boys share a birthday (just a weird coincidence that means astrologically we are destined to have weapon-loving Aries children battling non-stop throughout the house), and this weekend we got to celebrate! Being fans of weapons and warfare, and also space, they both really really wanted a Guardians of the Galaxy theme. 

Here are some things I prepared for the party:

Ronan the Accuser piñata (made from cardboard, newspaper, flour paste, crepe paper and acrylic paint) and orb filled with infinity stones (hollowed styrofoam ball decorated with hot glue, acrylic paint, and glitter spray filled with amethysts):

Homemade galaxy playdough with embedded amethysts to fill piñata:

Awesome Mix Vol 1 mix tape boxes (download printable and find instructions from the nice folks at 30 Minute Crafts) filled with candy. For you folks born before the 90s, you'll appreciate that my son asked me what the machine was behind the boxes.

A Groot figure made from up-side-down paper bag filled with scrunched paper, partially opened at the top (bottom) and cut, secured to child's broom (handmade by Broomchick in Eugene, OR) surrounded by baby potted Groots (marigold seedlings I started four weeks ago) with a marker I stamped to read "We are Groot":

We also had perhaps the most delicious cake we've ever eaten from Larsen's Bakery in Ballard, Seattle (white cake, chocolate mousse filling, a layer of frosting under marzipan with a space design. It was delicious and beautiful!). We brought out the bouncy house, which was a great hit with the kids. We served mojitos to the adults and juice to the kids along with a fresh fruit and cheese spread. 

We all had fun!

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